Chechen diaspora in Denmark worried about Kadyrovites

Chechen refugees living in Denmark have expressed their concern about the plans of the Chechen dictator, Ramzan Kadyrov, to open a diplomatic mission in Denmark. They warn the Danish authorities of the likely consequences of letting the regime in Grozny establish itself in Denmark, referring to the recent killings of Kadyrov’s opponents in Europe and elsewhere.

Earlier, several human rights activists expressed their concern about Kadyrov’s plan to open so-called cultural centres in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Poland, each home to a large Chechen diaspora. The activists reminded that the reason so many Chechens had fled to Europe was because of the climate of violence and fear under Kadyrov’s totalitarian dictatorship in Chechnya.

Appeal of Chechen refugees to the Government and Parliament of Denmark

We, Chechen refugees living in Denmark, are very concerned about reports in Russian media that the Russian puppet, Ramzan Kadyrov, plans to open a so-called embassy in Denmark. Those behind the project claim that the office would help those Chechen families who intend to return to their homeland.

Taking into account the daily terror inflicted on both the relatives of the members of the Chechen resistance movement and members of international human rights organisations investigating the murderous activities of Kadyrov’s regime, as well as the recent political assassinations of Chechens in Austria, Turkey, and Dubai, we would have reason to be seriously worried about our own security if Kadyrov’s representatives set foot in Denmark.

We regard it as our duty to warn you about possible armed provocations which may result from the arrival of Kadyrov’s representatives in Denmark. Kadyrov’s regime has wiped out all of its political opponents within Chechnya, and it is now ready to do the same in the territory of the peaceful, democratic country of Denmark.

No promises of heavenly pleasures in Kadyrov’s Chechnya or physical threats against us will force us to return to a country where the Russian president’s protegé, Ramzan Kadyrov, has established a bloody dictatorship and where the people are deprived of their basic democratic rights and freedoms guaranteed under the UN Declaration of Human Rights, signed by Russian leaders.

We are infinitely grateful to you for granting us and our families political asylum and a possibility to live and work in your country. It is equally in our interest that law and order reign supreme in Denmark. We hope that the relevant authorities in Denmark will consider our statement carefully and that the Danish government will draw the necessary conclusions from our collective statement.

Chechen refugees in Denmark

[Translation: Kerkko Paananen]

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