Death squads and torture chambers

The discovery of a torture chamber belonging to Russian secret services in Moscow’s elite Serebryany Bor district is evidence that the odious methods of the “war on terror” in North Caucasus are also being used in Moscow, Zukhra Yevloyeva writes on Ingushetiya.Ru.

In late 2005, Russian secret services announced that there was a network of Islamist terrorists operating in Moscow. At the same time, killings of ethnic Caucasians increased in Moscow. The murders were blamed on skinheads, but no killers were ever found.

In the first half of 2008 alone, 18 people originally from Kabardino-Balkaria were killed in Moscow, allegedly by skinheads. Moreover, there were reports that that some of the young people kidnapped in Kabardino-Balkaria were transferred to Moscow.

The detention facility in Serebryany Bor belongs to the Ministry of Defence. The facility had a separate entry directly to the cellar, which was used to interrogate suspects from North Caucasus. The facility was evidently used by Russia’s military intelligence (GRU).

Magomed Khamkhoev, an Ingush who managed to escape from the third floor of the detention facility, told that there were steel cages for 50 people and electrical torture equipment in the cellar. His captors showed him the bodies of young people killed in the house.

Immediately after Khamkhoev’s story became public, Russian authorities tried to link his case to feuds between Ingush families and to the school massacre in Beslan in September 2004. Ella Kesaeva, chairperson of the Voice of Beslan, called the latter claim a provocation.

It is now evident that there are torture facilities not only in North Caucasus but in cities across Russia. In November 2007, one such camp was found in the village of Goity, in Chechnya’s Urus-Martan district. Hundreds of young people were tortured and killed in the camp.

Russia’s rival secret service organisations –such as GRU and FSB– run their own torture facilities. It is also very likely that soon not only ethnic Caucasians but any other Russian citizen not to the regime’s liking will end up being tortured and killed in those camps.

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Эскадроны смерти в Москве работают под скинхедов?
Зухра Евлоева, 22.09.2008

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  1. Развоплощенная страна
    Андрей Бабицкий, 24.09.2008

    [В истории Магомеда Хамхоева] открывается […] абсолютно узнаваемая правда о том, к каким порядкам шаг за шагом пришла страна за 8 лет правления Путина. […] В этом государстве спецслужбы получили почти неограниченную власть над отдельным человеком. Они не несут ответственности за свои действия. В такой ситуации диффузия садизма неизбежна. Жестокость экстенсивна и газообразна, она имеет свойство покидать специально отведенные для нее места и быстро проникать в соседние пространства.

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