1. Russian troops have advanced 40 km east of the Georgian-Abkhaz border, and have occupied the town of Senaki, Reuters reports.

    Interfax reports that Russian forces control Zugdidi. There are no Georgian authorities left in the town, according to eyewitness accounts.

    Georgian villages bordering Abkhazia are empty of residents. Russian troops are advancing without encountering any resistance, Interfax reports.


  2. Russia has deployed two Chechen squadrons in South Ossetia, RIA Novosti reports. Russia’s Defence Ministry confirms that squadrons from the Chechen “Vostok” and “Zapad” battalions have been deployed in the conflict zone.


  3. Russian forces have advanced from Abkhazia deep into Georgian territory in the direction of Senaki, western Georgia, which has a major military base. Georgian Defence Ministry spokesman said that Russian forces were in control of the military base in Senaki.

    Russia said it sent troops to Senaki as part of its “peace enforcement” operation in South Ossetia. Senaki is located close to the Abkhaz administrative border, over 100 km west of Tskhinvali, far from the conflict zone.

    “The move is undertaken in an attempt to prevent shelling of South Ossetia by the Georgian armed forces and to prevent Georgia to carry out regrouping of its forces,” Interfax quoted a spokesman for the Russian Defence Ministry.


  4. Russian forces have taken the city of Gori, 60 km from Tbilisi, according to Alexander Lomaya, secretary of Georgia’s National Security Council. A Reuters correspondent in Gori did not confirm the report, but said that the city is almost completely empty.


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