1. Montako Georgian toimet Etelä-Ossetiassa tuomitsevaa mielenosoitusta Tbilisissä järjestettiin?

  2. Shevardnadze: This War Could Have Been Avoided

    Eduard Shevardnadze, former president of Georgia prior to being overthrown by Mikhail Saakashvili, says that both sides made mistakes in the lead up to the war between Georgia and Russia. But NATO, he says, made one of the decisive errors.


    Ex-president: Georgia made mistake

    Georgia made a “grave mistake” in advancing into the breakaway province of South Ossetia without adequate preparation, former President Eduard Shevardnadze was quoted as saying Wednesday.

    “We have a tradition that, in times of crisis, the opposition stands united behind the president and does not attack him,” he was quoted as saying. “But Georgia should not have advanced into Tskhinvali in so unprepared a way. That was a grave error.”


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