Zakayev recognises legitimacy of Kadyrov’s rule

Kadyrov & ZakayevAkhmed Zakayev, so-called emissary of Chechen separatists, told BBC that he recognises the legitimacy of Chechnya’s current rulers and is ready to cooperate with Ramzan Kadyrov. He declared that the Chechen resistance will stop its armed struggle against Chechen police as of 1 August 2009.

Zakayev said the decision was made by the Chechen government in exile after talks with the speaker of the Chechen parliament, Dukvakha Abdurrakhmanov, in Oslo. Zakayev said he would hold another meeting with representatives of the pro-Moscow regime in Chechnya in the near future, Kommersant reported.

Meanwhile, Zakayev, commenting on the negotiations with Kadyrov’s emissary in an interview with the BBC, said that he welcomes “all good beginnings aimed at stability, security, respect for rights, and law both in Russia and in Chechnya”.

According to the BBC, Zakayev admitted that he is ready to cooperate with Kadyrov’s regime: “I am not in politics for the first time. Maybe even unfortunately. Not reckoning with the reality that exists is not just politically illiterate, it is bad for everything and for everyone”.

“I think within the realities that exist. Whether we recognizing each or not, the essence of the current realities does not change. Today, there is a huge country behind Ramzan Kadyrov, whom Russia appointed president and entrusted with the leadership of the country,” Zakayev added.

According to Zakayev, the sides have agreed that the next round of talks would be held in London in the next ten days. Explaining the need fora break in the negotiations, Zakayev sauid “I and Dukvakha – we are merely representing the people who will make the decisions.”

“Neither yesterday, nor the day before yesterday during our meeting with Abdurakhmanov and even in the previous meeting, when we met with him, we did not discuss issue of my return or job for me”, Zakayev said answering to a question about the possibility of returning to Chechnya.

Kavkaz Center, the mouthpiece of the Chechen resistance, reminds that Zakayev announced his insubordnination to Dokka Umarov, leader of the resistance, in September 2007, urging resistance fighters to revolt against Umarov. At the same time, Zakayev declared himself prime minister of Ichkeria in exile.

The “appointment”, as Zakayev himself explained, took place during a telephone conference of five former members of parliament of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in Europe. Kavkaz Center brands Zakayev’s government the “Telephone Government.”

Later a split occurred in Zakayev’s London grouping. Most of the members of the “telephone government” defected to Kadyrov, including his closest handy Yaragi Abdullayev. Only Zakayev and his “honourable consul” Ivar Amundsen were left in the “government.”

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  1. So the constitution Zakayev wants to preserve is Kadyrov’s constitution from 2003?

  2. Does Dokka Umarov know that he is fired? Can’t yet find any information on Kavkaz Center about unconditional surrender.

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